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The next two competitions were quite different formats…


May 5th: Wass Cup

The first Club Championship Qualifier so scary, old strokeplay!

Beautiful day for it!


Plenty of sunshine and I must admit to loving the lovely fluffy clouds floating around…

My favourite hole (the third)


Chipping in to my favourite hole (3rd)


Marena nails a long putt on the 3rd like a pro…

Expertly done!



View from 8th green (my favourite hole).


The 9th (my favourite hole)



  1. Lizzie gross 90/net 58
  2. Marena gross 90/net 73
  3. Fiona gross 109/net 75

A spectacular score from Lizzie which I believe sets a new club net Ladies record. Surely a cut beckons!

Big ups to Annie for the only 2 of the day at the 4th.

For the club championship qualifiers the top 4 results were (Lizzie 90, Marena 90, Gill 91 & Elena 100).


May 11th: May Burkinshaw Putter

This competition is a strokeplay + your putts. I didn’t make it out to compete this time so apologies for the lack of photos.

Here’s a photo of the trophy instead:

We’re gonna need a bigger mantelpiece!



  1. Kay (net 76 + 31 putts = 107)
  2. Elena (net 77 + 31 putts = 108)
  3. Erica (net 81 + 30 putts = 111)

Well done to Kay who retains the trophy with a top score.

No twos recorded today.