You are currently viewing April part 1: Stringball, Opening Day & April Medal

Sat 3rd April Stringball

Eleven golfers turned out today for the 2021 Stringball challenge.

Kitting up for the road trip.


You get a length of string proportional to your handicap to use anywhere on the course to move the ball. Larks and japes!

Beyootifoool views!


Lesser-spotted tree-dwelling Rooth!


Perfect example of dead weight putting from Lizzie…!


Combining golf with yoga?


Eking out my dwindling supplies!


Fiona struck her way round the course beautifully, hardly bothering with the string…

..resulting in stringy mammoth hole out on final hole – & still leaving yards of the stuff!


After a lot of maths, we had the following scores…


  1. Fiona net score 55.6
  2. Lizzie 60.3
  3. Gill 60.6

Well done Fiona, a resounding victory.

And back to the clubhouse for the absolutely scrumptious Viennese Fingers courtesy of Erica. I may have had more than one…

sooo gooood….



Sun 4th April Opening Day

We were straight back out the next day for Opening Day.

Results: see the official write up here:

We had a good selection of sweet treats in aid of DGRI children’s ward:

Apologies to any dentists looking.


And I just wanted to include these:

Captain Marena is baffled by our team’s poor result…


Meanwhile Lady Captain remains sanguine about the tonking…


Sat 10th April Medal (max score)

Another scorcher for the April medal. Ten golfers came out in the sunshine to join the fun:

Not a breath of wind on the loch!


Those antipodeans like the sunshine, eh?


Big skies golf


After a lovely day, very well done to Fiona who had another clear victory…


  1. Fiona net 63
  2. Marena net 69
  3. Annie net 70

Twos: Also, a good day at the office as Fiona also scored the only twos of the day: at the 13th & 16th 👏👏👏