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Top Prize

17th April – Heroic Stableford

A bit of (extra) fun this week with a new format – a Heroic Stableford. The idea was to encourage ‘adventurous’ play by rewarding low scores and not penalising non-optimal scores. You scored as follows:

Net score:

Eagle 15 points, Birdie 8 points, Par 3 points, Bogey 1 point, Double bogey or higher 0 points

Loch Sparkly

Some terrific approach shots…

On the 4th



on the 6th



Once I’d done some arithmetic, we ended up with a very clear winner who had a brilliant round to take the victory by 18 clear points…

  1. Linda 73 points
  2. Fiona 55 points
  3. Annie 54 points

Well done on a tremendous score!

Top Prize


We also had some top sweet treats courtesy of Gerry:


Meringue tray bake. Yum!
Healthy buns 🙂


PS Just out of interest I calculated the results using traditional scoring. Linda still came out top with 30 points 🙂


24th April – Stableford Sweep

Next up was a stableford sweep. And a bumper turnout of 11 golfers in the sun.

Teeing Off



Ooh, three on the green at the 2nd!


What a view!


The 8th, we love it!



A very close result this week with a winner on count back… great scores ladies 🙂

  1. Janette 39 points (count back last 9 holes)
  2. Lizzie 39 points
  3. Marena 38 points

No twos this week.