Congratulations to Elizabeth on her first time playing the course with 39 points and to Janette with 36. Thanks to Les and Elena for organising our outing to Southerness for the first round of the 36 hole trophy. The weather forecast was for light rain. All togged up to meet the elements but the weather improved so rapidly that players were soon pealing off.  The wind dropped and scores were noticeably better for the second half.

Player Points
Elizabeth Kelly 39
Janette Davidson 36
John Lynch 35
Marina McClymont 33
Dave Nielsen 32
Les Rogers 31
Erica Porteous 31
Brian Duguid 30
Elena Rogers 29
Ian McCulloch 28
Wave Tyrrell 25
Brian Porteous 25
Dave Aitken 24
Jackie Duguid 22
Ronnie Ritchie 22
Terry Haine 20