Ian Brown won the Borders Cup with a tally of 65 for his two best rounds, second was Brian Duguid on 62 and third Wave on 60 points

Twelve players took part in the annual trip to the Borders, this year at Slaley Hall. Rounds 1 & 3 were played on the slightly shorter and more open Priestman course and the second round on the Hunting championship course. Monday’s round started off with a couple of showers and the strong winds on the Monday and Tuesday made scoring difficult to say the least. Congratulations to Brian and Ian Brown on scoring 33 points in such difficult conditions on the Monday. Tuesday sorted out the men from the boys and congratulations go again to Ian for scoring 32 points, setting a target for those aspiring to win the cup, on the far more difficult championship course and to Brian on 28 points completing the duo performance. Stuart came in third with 24 points indicating how difficult it was for inebriated mere mortals. The final round was won by our Captain Dave with 33 points who with his increasing years had to play an extra club at each hole and Stuart came second with 31 points who had a brilliant week.

The Captain thanked Dave Nielsen for organising a super trip, Derek and Wave for the paperwork, Ian McIlvenna for banker duties and to those who generously contributed prises. Socially the trip was highly enjoyable with a real sense of comradery.

Rounds Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Best 2 Rounds
Course Priestman Hunting Priestman
Ian Brown 33 32 28 65
Brian Duguid 33 28 29 62
Wave Tyrrell 31 19 29 60
 Stuart Rhodes 27 24 31 58
Dave Aitken 24 24 33 57
 Ian McIlvenna 14 18 25 52
Jeff Sutcliffe 18 24 28 52
Dave Nielsen 24 18 26 50
John Crallan 22 15 21 43
Terry Haine 18 20 21 41
Les Rogers 17 15 23 40
Derek Shipley 20 16 18 38