Seniors Border Trophy Competition

To conclude before I start, we had a cracking 3 day golf trip with a worthy winner in Bobby Walker. The adverse weather forecast did not materialise. Well done Dave Nielsen for organising the weather and an outstanding deal at the Peebles Hydro.

The first round played at Lanark where the course was in marvellous condition. It is very playable where all but two holes are reachable in regulation despite being 6107 yards long. Booby won the day with 32 points, Terry 30 and Wave 28 points. Ian had the best front 9 with 15 points and Brian the best back 9 with 19 points. Nevile was nearest the pin on the 7th.

The second round stated in the pouring rain that cleared up after a few holes with a shower late in the round. West Linton proved to be a real tester with its long par 4’s and little run. No one managed to land and stop on the ninth nearest the pin hole. Bobby continued his run with 32 points to set a target for the best 2 rounds. In second place was Terry with 29 points, not the 27 points as announced based on a handicap of 12. Dave Nielsen, Ronnie and Derek tied on 27 points, Ronnie won third place with 15 point back 9. Derek had the best front 9 with 16 and both Daves had 14 points on the back 9, Dave Aitken having the better back 9. Apologies to those who did not get the correct envelope.

The final round at Peebles to our surprise was played in bright sunny conditions and the improved scores reflected that. Again the course was in great condition. The winner on this occasion was Wave in an erratic performance with 35 points. In second place, his playing partner Ian with 34 points, and the last remaining member of the originals Derek with 33 points. Well done Derek. Wave was nearest the pin on the 7th. The best front 9 was Nevile with 16 points. Brian and Bobby had 17 points on the back 9 with Bobby having the better back 6.

The Cup was awarded to Bobby with the two score total of 64 by Dave Aitken who was restrained from telling one of his jokes as there were ladies present. The highlight was the presentation of a birthday cake to Terry to celebrate his birthday. The staff in the club were really good in springing the surprise.

Many will have made memories of their exploits over the 3 days. Mine was my putt at the 14th at West Linton where my looping putt across the full width of the green reached the edge of the hole only to pause before dropping in. At the same hole Bobby landed in casual water in the greenside bunker. There was nowhere in the bunker where he could achieve full relief and none of us were sure of the rule covering the situation. The decision was made for Bobby to drop to the side of the water with Bobby up to his ankles in the puddle. I did not hear him say “Ah F*** it then” and with true determination he stuck the ball to 2 feet short of the hole, sunk the point for a rewarding par.

Consulting the Rules, I consider we took the correct decision under Rule 16c, see rule below table

Borders Trip 2019

Lanark West Linton Peebles Best 2
Bobby Walker 32 32 30 64
Wave Tyrrell 28 25 35 63
Ian Brown 26 21 34 60
Derek Shipley 21 27 33 60
Terry Haine 30 29 27 59
Brian Duguid 27 25 31 58
Nevile White 26 25 31 57
Dave Aitken 21 23 28 51
Dave Nielsen 23 27 22 50
John Crallan 17 23 27 50
Ronnie Ritchie 22 27 22 49
Stuart Rhodes 27 21 19 48