Glenluce: 2016 week 31

Congratulations to Brian for his tremendous round of 42 points. It was neck and neck going into the final round between Ronnie and Brian on 52 points each. Such a round is outstanding given the situation. Credit also goes to Ronnie who in not the best of form turned in with 37 points. Brian had 9 pars and 2 birdies (gross). Ian Brown was second and Jeff third, both with 38 points. Detailed Result Ian Brown scored the only 2 of the day. Brian and Ronnie were first and second overall, followed in order by Terry, Tony and Nevile. The day and the…

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Glenluce: 2016 Week 30

Five lonely souls turned up to play while the rest were golfing in sunny Spain. Tony kept up his brilliant form scoring 40 points followed by Brian on 36 and John with 35 points. The detailed result. The final league is next week where where we will have the final showdown between Ronnie and Brian who are equal on 52 points. The winner will be toasted with soup and sandwiches to complete the dat/season.

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Glenluce: 2016 Week 29

Spring is here for definite. Twelve turned up and we looked forward to having fourballs that have been elusive this season. A golfer on his own joined us to upset the apple cart. Tony Graham secured victory this week with 36 points followed by Dave Nielsen, Dave Aitken and Ronnie Ritchie on 34 points each. Detailed Result Things are getting exciting for the overall winner. At present Ronnie has 52 points, Brian Porteous 48, Terry on 42 and Nevile and Tony on 36 point each with two games to play or a maximum of 10 points available. It is mathematically impossible…

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Glenluce: 2016 Week 27

Glenluce must be the Scottish Riviera and again we escaped the showers apart from the slight spit. Starting at the bottom was Dave Aitken with 25 points and all his fellow competitors bestowed their “sympathy”. Two players scored 35 points, the two Ians, Ian Brown bettering Ian McIlvenna with a better inward six holes. Wave won with a fantastic round of 40 points and has his handicap reduced by 1.3. The team prise was won by Terry, Ronnie, Ian McCulloch and Wave with a notable 113 points. Ronnie has kept adding to his overall lead of 50 points with Brian Porteous following on 47…

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Glenluce: 2016 Week 26

After last week's washout storm when John Crallan and Ronnie braved it to the very end, this week the sun shone and it was a superb day with a strong wind. This week's surprise winner was John with 37 points, one more point that he had on his card. The 5 strokes recorded at the seventh gave 3 points instead of the 2 points recorded on his card because his handicap meant that he had two strokes at the hole. The first three has 37 points, John, Jeff and Brian separated by inward halves of (17 - 13), (17 - 9) & 15 points on…

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Glenluce: 2016 Week 24

The weather was kind to us today as the light showers forecast failed to turn up. We were all pleased to see Jeff win today with 38 points scoring 24 of them on the first nine with seven pars and a birdie. Well done Jeff. In second place was Tony with 37 points, the competition scratch score. Jim Hopkins came third with 34 points. Detailed Results   Results 2 February 2016   Results 27 January 2016 Overall Ronnie has 49 points, Brian on 44 and Terry on 41 with seven Tuesdays remaining.

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Glenluce: 2016 Week 22

Six players played to day, Wednesday. Brian Porteous won with 34 points followed by Tony Graham on 33 points. Tony and John Crallan scored two's at the 5th and 13th respectively and will share the £23.60 pot. No handicap adjustments have been made but will be done when I get the cards.

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Glenluce: 2016 Week 21

What an outstanding round of golf SUPERB - pars all the way to the 14th where Ian carded a bogey 5, then went par, par, bogey, bogey to finish 3 over par gross. Congratulations to Ian Brown for a brilliant 43 points. Steady Terry came in with 38 points and adding 4 points to his overall total of 39. In third pace was Wave followed by Ronnie with 36 points bringing him into the overall lead of 42 points. View the results on this link What it was to leave the snow at New Galloway and find the countryside free…

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Glenluce:2016 Week 19

The wind changed judging by the scores with a total of 18 pars going out compared to 32 coming back. Tony Graham won by 5 points with 37 points total (handicap 8) from John Crallan and Ian McCulloch who both scores 32 points. Tony's spell on handicap 8 has been short as he now back to 7. The full result may be seen on this link.  

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Glenluce:2015 Week 18

Ten of us made it to Glenluce this week and played in dry and windy conditions as the early beginnings of storm Frank blew in. Wave, last weeks winner, won again with 35 points with a better inward half of 19 from Ian McCulloch. Ronnie, Dave Aitken and Ian Brown scored 32 points where Ronnie grabbed the 3 points with the best inward half. This bring Ronnie into the overall lead with 38 points, 4 points ahead of the absent Terry on 34 points followed by Nev on 33 and Brian on 32, the four leaving the rest of us trailing behind. The…

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