We had planned a Maximum Score medal, but nobody told the weather. I’m starting to suspect it is a jinxed format.

Despite the heavy overnight rain, the course was declared playable. But the rain/sleet was so heavy we agreed to postpone the medal until better weather. This would be anything less than torrential rain. We’re not princesses.

We settled down with a cuppa and yummy chocolate fudge traybake (thanks Erica). After a short while, to our surprise, it cleared up enough for a social 9 holes.

Eight of us set off and it proved glorious. The rain cleared, the wind dropped and the sun came out. Sunblock was applied and I regretted not bringing my sunglasses.

Struggling up 5th into blinding sunshine


Accidentally, I made things complicated by deciding to use the 9-hole card. I discovered you don’t simply halve your 18 hole handicap. Apparently, it’s something far more complicated involving decimal places. Who knew?

(OK, Elena knew) Pitching in to the 5th.


In our group, Kay made a great start with two pars. She continued well, holing a lot of putts. She carded a great score – without a single blob.

Closer than a wee close thing. Kay’s chip at 8th


In the other group, Erica scored on every hole too to remain blob-free. Impressive in the heavy conditions.

Marena played well again. She finished with a fine 3 on the 9th (achieved by reaching the green in 2 and then holing the uphill putt). This impressive 4 pointer helped her edge out Kay by 1 point for victory.

There was no 2s glory with pretty difficult putting conditions.

Back to the clubhouse for seconds of chocolate fudge traybake 🙂

Next week: look out for another weather postponement on the Maximum Score Medal attempt 3…