You are currently viewing Fri 4th Oct: Men’s Shed Golf Fun Day!
Ian hitting down to the the 9th green (with top marks for the uber-retro bag/trolley combo!)

Luckily all the dreadful forecasts came to naught. The weather was positively clement for our first ever (hopefully not the last?) Glenkens Men’s Shed Greensomes. We had a grand turnout of 12 reckless entrants for the golf and several more for the putting. Ready to go, we paired up in beginner/golfer pairs and set off for some fun!

Divots flew from the start (sorry green-keepers!) We headed up the hill for 9 holes of top entertainment. Our group raced round fairly quickly considering we’d only 6 actual, human hips between us.

Still looking down at the ball. What a pro!


Second group teeing off from what remains of the tee (the first group attacked their tee shots, ahem, somewhat vigorously).


Brian assuming a safe position as Tam tees off.


You’ve done this before, sir?


Ah, it looks like it’s all coming back to you…


That jumper says you’ve *definitely* done this before!

Lovely shot into the 6th from our playing partners…

So kind to your partner!


…just a shame this group contained the ridiculously competitive golfers… 😉

Ooh, I say! I believe that shot in is *even* closer?


Ian hitting down to the the 9th green (with top marks for the uber-retro bag/trolley combo).


Lead us to the cakes!


We all got round the 9 holes without too many mishaps or misdirections. Once we’d worked out the scorecards, it was off to the putting green for a 9 hole putting competition.

After the rain earlier in the week, the putting conditions were impressively soggy.

Once the cards were scrutinised, Terry triumphed in the Putting Competition. Well done sir!

Also, massive congratulations to (non-golfer) Christine who won the Best Effort Putting Prize. She was judged to have shown excellent concentration! Well done that woman.

On the 9 hole competition results…<drum roll>…

Runners Up on 18 points were Terry and Martin (who was so chuffed to get round without losing a single ball! Not bad for a complete newbie in his first round of golf).

Winners Overall on 21 points were me and Ian B who claimed he hadn’t played in 25 years. Note to Ian: having a big number is what you want in Stableford scoring (that was the top prize, *not* a booby prize, ya numpty!)


Thanks to everyone who donated to the amazing spread of nibbles, sarnies and cakes…yum…

Top scran


Note the usual suspects at the front of the food queue!


Thanks to Tom and Terry for organising the day (and everyone else who helped). Thanks to Stuart for providing official photography. And thanks to everyone for turning out and making it an enjoyable day. I hope we were all just as sore the next day from laughing and not just from walking up and down gorsey hills!