Was today the last of the Summer Wine for 10 old codgers – it was a lovely dry day with a light breeze. The greens played havoc with putting over coring holes and top dressing. Nevile White won with a stomping 41 points and in his tail were Terry and Ronnie with 37 points, Terry having the better inward 6. The big winners of the day were Terry and Dave Nielsen who shared the accumulated £24 two’s money, both getting a two at the 17th. Terry consolidated his lead in the points total and now stands with 21 points.

Player Points
Nev White 41
Terry Haine 37
Ronnie Ritchie 37
Alex Long 36
Wave Tyrrell 34
Brian Porteous 34
John Crallan 34
Dave Nielsen 33
Ian Brown 29
Les Rogers 22