After last week’s washout storm when John Crallan and Ronnie braved it to the very end, this week the sun shone and it was a superb day with a strong wind. This week’s surprise winner was John with 37 points, one more point that he had on his card. The 5 strokes recorded at the seventh gave 3 points instead of the 2 points recorded on his card because his handicap meant that he had two strokes at the hole. The first three has 37 points, John, Jeff and Brian separated by inward halves of (17 – 13), (17 – 9) & 15 points on the second nine and then last six. Detaile Result here.

The run up for the title is very close with Ronnie with 49 points, Brian on 47 and Terry on 42 who, near the end, benefited by a secret putting lesson.