This week the weather dictated that we play again on the Wednesday. Apart for a shower early on, it was a good decision.

There was I and Dave Aitken sitting comfortably in the Clubhouse with 37 points and a hope of winning, maybe remote. Bye the way Dave you had 36 points. In comes big Ronnie in the last group and smashes our hopes with 40 points. He deserves a 0.6 handicap reduction. The pot is growing as no one had a two:  oh all those stories of what might have been!

Our match with Glenluce has been arranged for Tuesday 24th May 2016.

Player Points
1 Ronnie Ritchie 40
2 Wave Tyrrell 37
3 Dave Aitken 36
4 Tony Graham 35
5 Ian Brown 31
6 Dave Nielsen 29
7 Ian McCulloch 28
8 John Crallan 28
9 Jim Hopkins 28
10 Brian Porteous 22