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Sunny clubhouse NGGC

…how have you been since March?

Here’s a gallop through what you may have missed…

Soooooo…we had no golf at all 😱 for two months, then we returned with a lot of restrictions.

Undaunted, we devised a Lockdown League which kept us entertained for four happy weeks. Elena Rogers was the worthy winner but please don’t ask to see the trophy!

Once the restrictions were lifted a wee bit more , we hastily re-shuffled our golfing calendar and resumed some of our competitions in July. Unfortunately, the Opens remained cancelled – we hope to be able to run them in 2021.

Big ups to those who triumphed in the rearranged competitions as follows:

Harebell 1 & 2: Elizabeth

Wass Cup: Kay

McEwan Cup: Elena

Shipley Trophy: Erica

Sanderson Cup: Marena

Doris McQueen Memorial: Elizabeth

Centenary Cup: Kay

Charity Cup: Marena

October Medal: Linda


And then, draws breath, we started the 2020-21 Winter League at the end of September…and on Thursday we settled the Club Championship which was a ding and indeed dong battle between Marena  & myself. She deservedly triumphed on the 17th hole (or 35th if you include the drawn first match from the week before. Epic!) Congratulations 🏆


…and, now,  we’re back in the room.


Today: Well, another glorious day dawned in New Galloway with truly beautiful weather for golf.

Sun breaks the sky over NGGC clubhouse. Again.


Having checked our newly calculated WHS handicap indices, we looked the table up to find our course handicap. We then applied the handicap allowance to get our playing handicap and then checked there was no course rating adjustment to be made. At last, ready to play golf!

And my theme for the round was ‘not playing better but better playing’. I blame Elizabeth who recommended this book to me:

It’s a wonderful read and describes the game beautifully. Including playing some mindful golf where they choose a theme for their round. The idea tickled me. Not so sure my playing partners were convinced but they humoured me…


Ready to golf?


Elena, Annie & I set off last, with two groups ahead of us in the sunshine.

One highlight was us all getting a 3 on the 4th, despite nobody getting too near the green with our drives. Elena chipped down from the fairway to very close. I lobbed over from the back right of the green without thinning it as normal. And Annie chipped up beautifully after running through to the back downslope of the gulley. We were all chuffed to bits to putt out to score 3’s.

Even harder to see the ball than usual on the 5th!


Stunning views as always from behind the 7th green/8the tee:

View over the Loch


And with such a still day, no excuse (well one less excuse) for any wayward drives. No such problems on the 8th…

Admiring the drives on the 8th.


We had a lovely round. I’ve got out of practice with the photography and seem to only have captured my jammy shots. My playing partners hit some corkers too, just not on camera. Oops. Sorry about that…

Here’s an extremely jammy chip on the 9th to salvage a miraculous 5 after a meltdown-ette en route down the fairway (ok the mound). Cue my first bout of dancing around the 9th green.

Noooooooo…where’s the wind when you need it?


Unbelievably, I improved my 3 at the 4th next time round by not thinning my drive & then holing this out for a (whisper it) 2️⃣ …yay!

Kerplunk! And indeed ker-ching!


And worst/best of all, I holed out at the 18th from the fairway short of the green.

Luckily no-one videoed my victory dance round the green. It went something like this…(only I was slightly less restrained)…


What a lovely time we had in the beautiful weather 🙂


Collating all the scorecards afterwards, young Fiona was victorious by an impressive 6 shots! Very well done 🥇


Next week we’re back to Winter League (and the socially-distanced prize-giving).

*** Hot off the Presses ***

Having received a bye in the first round, Janette and Elizabeth entered the fray today in the Daily Mail 4’s and did NGGC proud. They triumphed over the visitors from Southerness 6 and 4 on the 14th. Very well done ladies. You can put your feet up now till February when the next round will start!

Finally, mahoosive thanks to Brian who dashed round the course after the medal players and before the DM4 match, rolling the greens free of leaves so that our visitors got to see our lovely course at its best. It was very much appreciated 🙂