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Chipping down the the 18th
Blooming lovely day for golf


It’s Medal time!

Today we ran a 9 hole and 18 hole maximum score medal – aren’t we kind?

Ten participants set off in various states of waterproofing – depending on their optimism v’s the forecast. The course proved a bit of a challenge today. Recent rain has softened the greens (hurrah!) but severely curtailed the run of the ball (boo!)

We also had to adjust to shiny new pin positions. These have been set up for our upcoming Muirhead Rosebowl Open on Saturday. And very generous positions they are too- thanks Mr B 🙂

In the end, nobody managed a two today. So the pot carries on to next time.

Windmill-itis spreads to the 3rd – great at scaring birds off the green (and my ball too apparently…)


Honourable mentions to Janette (4th) and Kay (13th) who managed the only 3’s today on the par threes.

Even bigger applause for Erica who carded the only other 3 of the day at the 9th. Those must have been 3 great shots!

Also, credit to Linda who was delighted with a 4 at the 5th (and that was from behind the wall). A testament to our new mantra ‘a bad shot doesn’t make a bad hole…’.

Gerry walked off with the honours in the 9 hole medal.

The 18 hole medal was won by Janette with an impressive net 67. This was 3 strokes ahead of her nearest challenger Kay who was 3 strokes ahead of Ann in 3rd place.

Chipping down the the 18th


Well done Janette – earning yourself a nice wee handicap reduction there 🙂


Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday for the Muirhead Open.