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I’m freshly-emerged from the black hole known as WHS. Is it still 2020?

Oh, I missed some weather!

🎼 Golfing in a Winter Wonderland 🎡🎢

It appears I’ve missed a few write-ups. Here’s a quick catch-up…

Winter League 28th Nov

It was wet on the course, but dazzlingly bright.

Loch Practice
Loch Skinny

We scooted round for 15 sunny holes.

Some excellent scoring resulted in:

  1. Elizabeth 35 points
  2. Fiona 34 points
  3. squint and you’ll see me in the distance…Gill 29 points

No 2’s to report.Β But some rather nice crunchy, oaty biscuits:

Oats so good

December Medals 5th Dec (9&18 hole varieties)

Playing the front half with Kay, we chose out festive theme of ‘mince’. Unfortunately, it applied to a lot of my shots too. Playing her signature neon ball, Kay hit rather a nice shot onto the 4th…

Annoyingly, her ball also features in my traditional loch shot looking rather close to the hole…

Look at the loch, not the ball!

Erica joined us for the back half and got caught in the midst of a great sledging, sorry, putt-off. I won’t dwell on it *cough* Els *cough*

Others were focusing on the medal more successfully and results were:

  1. Annie 73
  2. Gill 73 (on countback)
  3. Janette 74

And props to Kay for a 2 on the 7th πŸ™‚

No photos of the all-important treats but we had some lovely mince pies πŸ™‚

In between days, we had a new visitor to the course:

All the way from Oz, keeping us entertained while the goats cavort elsewhere…

Winter League 12th Dec

Back to the Winter League and a late kick off for me, Kay & Janette so failing light stopped most photography. And almost play!

All quite close on 8th!

No 2’s to report elsewhere on the course. And this time it was poor Janette who got caught up in the Return of the Great Putt Off (again, no dwelling on results, mainly coz I lost. Gah!)

Scores on the doors:

  1. Kay 30 points
  2. Janette 29 points
  3. = Gill & Annie & Marena 27 points

There were some lovely meringues courtesy of Gerry and leftover patisserie for hard-working golfers. Yum. Soz no pics. You can’t stuff your face with cake and hold a camera at the same time.

Winter League 20th Dec

We gave the rain an extra day to sort itself out, so ventured out on a Sunday for a change. There were some strange apparitions on the course, but we managed to mostly avoid them (“men?”).

Being our special Xmas day, there were some excellent outfits on show. To think I was worried my bright jumper might be off-putting!

Santa’s coming!

Others went for the bag decorations instead. Actually, as well as, personal decorations…

Bagpool illuminations

Due to the previous week (fortnight’s?/month’s?) deluge, we restricted ourselves to a quick splash over 9 holes. And to the sound of sleigh bells jangling on various costumes, we set off…

Elf-tastic putting
Loch Wide

We spotted our visitor (she needs a name…Rooth? Roodolph?) just off the 5th tee. At least now we know she’s one of the lesser-spotted tree-climbing roos…

A small creature and…. Elena (who thought I was going to say “the roo”?) Shame on you!

Again. no 2’s to report (that pot must be worth winning!). Results as follows:

  1. = Janette & Kay 21 points
  2. Elizabeth 20 points

Turns out it’s quite hard to play golf with a robin on one shoulder and a snowman on the other. Who knew?

We also had some festive fun with a driving and chipping competitions…with marshmallows. FWIW you can actually drive a marshmallow a surprising distance (ahem, most of us can, Iain)…

Careful adjudication on the marshmallow driving result.

Continuing her purple patch (of golf, not of hairdressing) Kay actually won *both* Marshmallow Offs so a hastily created rule, awarded the long-drive prize to Elizabeth who was only a few inches behind Kay (and a mere inch ahead of Erica).

If only this had been your chip the other week, eh?

Then back to (outside) the clubhouse for carols and a proper festive feast. Thanks to Erica for delicious viennese biscuits, sausage rolls & mince pies. To Elena & Elizabeth for cheffing duties. And to Fiona for tablet (nom, nom, nom) and chocolate orange bites. There were also ganaches to completely max out our sugar intake.

Very well done to anyone who won any prizes today or in the past month.

See you next time for more Winter League action. Merry Christmas everybody! πŸŽ…πŸΌπŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸΌπŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸΌ