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Tha loch mòr

Six lucky, lucky golfers enjoyed a beautiful warm and sunny day yesterday for the December medal. There was not a breath of wind nor a drop of rain. Honest. For some reason my camera makes it look wet and windy. Anyway, after liberally applying the sunblock, we set out in T-shirts, shorts and sunnies for 18 whole holes.*

Up and away on the first


I started with minor detour into the shrubs just to the right of the green. Fortunately, it’s not a location I visit too often. I wouldn’t recommend it. Meanwhile, Erica managed to ignore my lob wedge woes and started with a delicious 4. It was very nicely done.

Away and up on the second


I pulled myself together a bit and managed to hit the green on the 4th. Sadly for me, my putt didn’t even make the same time zone as the hole. Sigh. In the other group, Janette also bagged a 3 on the 4th. It must have been playing tricky this week – only Janette & I scored 3’s here both times round.

Going up the 7th we had a great view of Janette’s terrific approach shot into the 6th. She later declared this her shot of the round…

Janette slaps the course into submission. Take that, 6th green! A great 4 followed.


At the top, Erica had a good go for a 2 on the 7th but had to make do with a 3 (and that was the only 3 there all day!) Another hole that played hard in the, erm, beautiful conditions.

So no 2’s glory for anyone today. That jackpot might be worth winning soon!

Tha loch mòr agus snog (Can you tell I’m learning Gaelic?)


The 8th was slightly easier to navigate this week. Well, in as much as the new path made it easier to walk through the middle of the crags.

Pathy News


Going down the 9th, Kay was particularly proud of her approach shot…

Janette admiring Kay’s approach shot.


Back in the clubhouse for lunch and warm mince pies (thank you Erica) we totted up the scores. The results are as follows:

1st Erica (70)

2nd Gill (75)

3rd Elizabeth (77)

So it was a clean sweep for the first group!

Erica posted a terrific score (and that included one wee ‘wobble’ and several putts that should have dropped in. She could easily have been twice as far ahead). Erica deservedly remained on the same handicap and the rest of us were admonished with a +0.1 for our ‘efforts’… Must try harder 🙂

Back to the Winter League next week.




* OK, OK it was wet and windy. I’m just yanking the chain of anyone reading this who may be playing golf in the scorching continental sunshine this week (Not jealous. Oh no.)