You are currently viewing Ladies February Medal *cancelled* Saturday 9th February 2019
Oh dear.

Well, the weather got to us all this week and the course was officially closed.

This was due to a wee bit of flooding, casual, argh, New Rules <thinks>… “temporary” water and some rather impressive gusts of wind. Here’s the traditional video of the flag on the 8th…

And, for a bit of variety, here’s the bell after the second green…

Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed the temporary wee loch in the background on the practice hole. At last – we have a practice water hazard yellow penalty area!

Though we were sad to postpone our Maximum Score medal, thanks to Chris, we had some consolation.

Concolation cake. New Galloway Golf Club.
Not as much fun as playing in westerlies gusting to 40mph, but a close second.


In a follow up to last week’s sledging news, please let us know if you see any small children walking round the village with one cold hand and the other in a small blue or pink glove. We’ve collected some lost property after the New Galloway Sledging Championships. I’m not so sure we want to give the sledge back though. It might snow again…

Lost property New Galloway Golf Club
Your tiny hand is frozen (opera joke especially for Janette there).