Spring has well and truly sprung around the course and in our lovely flower tubs…

New Galloway Golf Club
Pansies (?)
New Galloway Golf Club
New Galloway Golf Club






And we were blessed with yet another glorious day for a game of golf yesterday…

New Galloway Golf Club
View doon the loch (as the locals might say)


The first two matches from our individual knock out competition set out shortly before 10 getting the day’s sport rolling.

New Galloway Golf Club
Whose honour? The second match almost teeing off.


Details on the KO matches are sadly lacking, but I can report that everyone was still on good terms in the clubhouse. Well done to both Elena and Erica who progressed to the next round. Commiserations to Kay and Chris who remain to fight another day as both are competing in the pairs knock out this year too.

The rest of us took a majority decision to have a social round. I think the strictures of last week’s Glenkens Opens is still too, too fresh in our minds! So we set off as two threesomes to play a 1,2,3 format. This is stableford points: best score for first 5 holes, best two scores for next 5 holes, and all 3 scores for final 5 holes – the pressure building nicely in a boiling-a-frog sort of fashion.

Anne, Marena and I set off first. And a mere 20 yards later I was on my second shot – sorry, my 3rd shot dropped (remember: knee high, knee high, knee high) out of a ditch I’d never even seen before never mind visited. Ho hum, at least I got to use the ball retriever which has seen little service over the past two years (only because I stopped playing on a course with lots of burns).


New Galloway Golf Club
An eagerly anticipated sequel to the film “So I married an axe murderer”? So, I played golf with an axe murderer…Anne tees off on the 5th*


Another comedy shot off 15th tee results in my discovering some pretty flowers in the wood to the right of the 9th fairway.

New Galloway Golf Club
Forest flowers. Lovely. Next to my ball (not so lovely TBH).


Meanwhile, Marena had a storming 15th, especially this chip in…

New Galloway Golf Club
No, not the ball on the front fringe. The one 12″ from the pin. How *did* she stop it there? This is the 9th, you know, off-the-green-like-greased-lightning-into-the-tractor-shed 9th!


At the end, we just edged out Linda, Janette and Gerry for the honours.

Back to the clubhouse for lunch, tea and biscuits.



* This is a reference to an anecdote about a critique she once received on her swing. I’m sure she wouldn’t hurt a fly.