Praise be! Today we managed to hold our first Maximum Score medal.

In cold but clear conditions, ten adventurous golfers tried out golf’s newest format. I’ve not had full feedback yet as I had to skip lunch. This was devastating as there appeared to be a rather delicious-looking chocolate cake in the kitchen. Sniff. But back to the golf and it appeared that we all survived the inaugural maximum score medal fairly unscathed. I certainly felt a wee bit less terrified than during the usual stroke play medal.

New Galloway Golf Club
Clubhouse Tropicana

Despite the forecast being for NO RAIN (can you hear me, weather?), it started to drizzle just as we started. And being colder than it looked, we set off up the first wearing all of our available layers (plus sunglasses). It soon cleared up though and it stayed dry for the rest of the round.

New Galloway Golf Club
Playing up the sunny first


The groups quickly spaced out and it soon felt like Millionaire’s Golf during our round (no-one else in sight on the course!) As a result, I can’t feature any pictures of the no doubt epic shots from other groups. But I can bring a breathless, eyewitness account of Kay’s magnificent 2 on the 16th (Spion Kop):

“…Drive right of the green, first decent chip of the day. It looked ok so I turned away and didn’t see the end result [D’oh! Ed.] It was only the thunderous roar from the galleries [Marena] that alerted me to the brilliance of the shot…”

New Galloway Golf Club
The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Chip Ins


Free from normal stroke play angst, I fared best with the new format and even scraped a handicap reduction. Admittedly it was by the skin of my teeth and thanks to a rounding down from a .4 exact handicap. I’m not sure that it is entirely helpful for tomorrow’s Opening Day competition so I apologise in advance to my partner Marena. Oops 🙂