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Loch Heatwave

Another day, another McScorcher.

Loch Heatwave


Today’s competition was stroke play plus putts. So a great day to  chip short or long!

A number of great scores were returned despite the blinding sun and the odd gust of wind to keep us on our toes. Moving swiftly over my score (which resembled a basketball match after over-time) let me tell you about my playing partners. They had quite a few superb drives – both drove past the 8th ditch…

Chris’ second shot on 8th


Marena’s second shot on the 17th


A spectacularly placed drive on the 12th…

Second shot…on the way to a par.


As we were the last group out, I didn’t get the chance to feature pictures of any of the other spectacular shots today. Sorry.

Kay carded the best outward 9 hole score of the day and Erica the best inward 9. But nobody managed a two.

Erica had an impressive 8 single putts. Marena matched this feat but also managed a zero putt! This gave Marena the lowest total putting score of the day. But the overall winner was Kay whose net score plus putts was one better. Well done. It must have been a great round.


P.S. Someone, I can’t recall who, asked about the Seniors Prize Winners. I don’t have all the details but I believe this is the latest photo of them…

Standing tall & proud with their trophies