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A respectable turnout of 9 golfers for the final Saturday fixture of the autumn-spring season – the May medal.

Eternal sunshine of the loch-side mind


We held a maximum score medal to get us back into the swing of competitions. And more practice with our WHS calculations…the gift that keeps on giving.

Conditions were mostly pretty good, though it got a wee bit chilly and showery near the end.



We had our first two in a while… step forward for applause: Annie on the 4th. Erica will be paying a visit soon with one of those briefcases  you padlock to your wrist!

There were a lot of good scores posted and a particularly tough fight over 4th place with 3 of us tied on net 73. Elena took 4th place on countback. There wasn’t much doubt about the overall top 3 though with the following great scores posted:

  1. Fiona (net 64!)
  2. Erica (net 69)
  3. Lizzie (net 70)

I imagine that will result in a wee handicap cut but not having a PhD in advanced three-dimensional mathematics, I’m unable to say for sure.

Green mile


Back to outside the clubhouse for a selection of delicious goodies courtesy of Erica…

Todays biscuit option was her signature terrifically, melt-in-the-mouthingly viennese whirls…and the cake option was a delightfully light chocolate cake.

Sooooooooo nice!
chocolatey goodness!


Worried about showing favouritism, I sampled both 😃


Next up is the Wass Cup on Wednesday.