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There was a smirry start to our Max Score Medal today but the leaves were displaying beautiful autumn colours.

All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey, I’ve been on a walk…on a winter’s day…


Two groups set off for the November Medal.

What’s the collective noun for Ericas? Today, maybe a ‘pink’ of Ericas?



Two balls on the green – but no two’s glory here 🙁


A visit to the dreaded fourth gulley of doom (but safely out onto the green with the shiny new chipper!)



Not at all distracted by her dazzling white shoes – 5th green ho!


A Bench With a View


On the 10th, Kay thinks “HOW far to the green?, hmmmm…”


Looking at the scorecards, there were a few nice scores today…

Two golfers (Elizabeth and Marena) played the front 9 in net 32 – terrific play in the slightly soggy conditions.

We all struggled a wee bit more on the back 9 but another two golfers (Elizabeth and me) managed to come home in net 36.

So looking at those two halves… you’ll have spotted that victory today goes to Elizabeth – I believe it’s her first medal victory! Very well done. And very clever to book your place in next year’s medal final already. The pressure is off for the next ten medals!


1st Elizabeth 68

2nd Gill 70

3rd Marena 70

Full results on Master Scoreboard <click here>

Also worth a mention was Marena’s brilliant 2 at the 13th. Word is that it was a chip in from “the back side of beyond”. Very well done. Congratulations on scooping the jackpot.


Back to the clubhouse and Gerry had kindly laid on a ginger and sour cream cake. Very delicious it was too. Sadly we ate it all before I could get out my camera. Sorry Gerry. It was *delicious* though. No leftovers for doggy bags 🙁