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In best TOWIE pose.

Pull up a chair and a drink…plenty of news to update since we last chatted:


Sat 21st Sep: Medal Final

Viva Escocia


Beautiful weather for the Medal Final. Six competitors headed out for a lovely round – though conditions proved tricky enough for it to become reduction-only. We also introduced preferred lies as conditions were a little damp underfoot. No twos were recorded. Scores on the doors were:

1st Janette 76

2nd Erica 79

3rd Jackie 80 (on count back from Marena over last 9 holes)


Well done everyone!


Sadly, to overcome the shame over my performance  I was forced to flee the country in disguise for some golfing rehab:

Did *not* get the memo about the white skirt (for optimum TOWIE pose)!


Whilst I was in exile, the NGGC action continued as follows…

Sun 22nd Sep Closing Day – who won? I’m sure you all had fun dodging the showers 🙂

Wed 25th Sep – Circle week 4 – rained off. I believe tea and cakes were taken in consolation?


I was allowed back in the country in time for…

Sat 28th Sep Winter League kicked off. We also included Circle 4 for those still to complete their card. There is no news on circle results as Marena will unveil these at the appropriate moment.

For the Winter League, eight keen types turned out in surprisingly clement weather.

Loch Ken in a mood…


But give it a minute and… Don’t pack away the sunblock yet!


I think this was Erica’s drive which led to her 2…

It’s just your drive talkin!  Erica back on top form with a sparkling 2 on the 10th. Nice.


By contrast, my partner kindly offered to kick me off the course after I managed to four (yup, count ’em, 1, 2, 3 and….4) – putt the last hole. “Nurse! Quick, bring the cake…”

The green, green grass of home. Wet enough to stick on the 3rd green. Woo-hoo!


After everything was totted up:

1: Erica

2: Gill (on count back over last 6 holes over…)

3: Kay

Big ups to newbie Elizabeth who was only one teeny, tiny shot behind in 4th place. Well done.

For Winter League, we convert placings to points (10 points for winner, 9 for second place etc down to 1 point for 10th place). Look out for these scores in a league table in the locker room. Everything to play for (well a nice trophy for a start) between now and the spring.

Friday 4th Oct Balmaclellan Quiz

Our team Putt, Putt, Putt! (or for me Putt, Putt, Putt, Putt!) triumphed in the local, highly competitive quiz – thanks to some fairly astonishingly good guesses 🙂 Well done Kay, Janette, Gerry, me and Martin (honorary member for the evening).

Sat 5th Oct

Winter League scheduled but insufficient takers. Sorry Kay.