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The sun has gone his hat on...
The sun has gone his hat on…


A warm day for the second and final round in the Harebell trophy. Round 1 was way back in June, when you’ll remember that Elena triumphed by one point over Erica (herself one point ahead of yours truly).

Today, there were eleven masochists out in the heat but two sensibly set out early and avoided the worst of it. A wee bit of smirr mid-round did wonders to cool us down.

It was also a good day for some volunteers to get stuck into course maintenance.

Heigh ho, heigh ho! It’s off to scarify we go…


The fine weather brought out some similarly fine golf with several good totals accumulated. Five players scored more than 30 points.

In twos news: Erica scored a lovely two at the 13th. A fine tee shot landed safely on the green but left a missable putt. Needless to say, she safely tucked it away and walks away with the entire jackpot this week.

Lady Captain chipping her way to some points on the 16th


Today’s results showed Linda in 5th place with, she happily reckons, a career-best 32 points. Elena came 4th on 36 and Erica and Marena tied on 37 (Marena edging it on count back over the last 9). I snaffled the victory and a wee handicap reduction after carding 39 points.

For the Harebell Trophy (aggregate scores over both rounds) we had both Erica and Elena on 73 points. Erica showing placed in 2nd (I’m not sure how the computer decided this – maybe the most recent round score?) The trophy goes to someone who sneakily finished a mere one wee pointlet ahead on 74 points. Sorry about that.