This Wednesday brought the annual bogey competition – the Shipley Trophy. A lovely sunny day again in the Glenkens and eleven masochists set out for the harsh format (effectively you play against yourself on a good day).

Loch McScorching


I had the pleasure of playing with a new member Alison for the first time and Lady Captain. Now I know that Alison likes to take selfies the first time she plays with you…take heed! 🙂

Sunshine and golf – yay! (Though I’m looking distressingly like Wallace. ‘Cheeeeeeese Gromit?’)


We had a lovely time and surrounded the flag on a number of occasions…

Getting close on the 7th


The positive vibes in our group helped the golf along nicely. Linda and myself managed to earn ourselves a nice wee handicap reduction with some positive scores. At the end I nicked it from Linda by one point with a 5 up (sorry Cap’n) while she carded an impressive 4 up. Following up in third place was Marena on 2 up.

Surprisingly, despite the inviting conditions, nobody carded a two. So the pot rolls over to next time.

Celebratory fly past


In other away news, Elena and Erica recently placed 3rd at Dalbeattie in the Centenary Quaich Open. Very well done ? Go New Galloway Ladies!