You are currently viewing Ladies Update – Chocfest 2019

Known officially as “Kay’s Hike” – it’s all about the lovely Swiss chocolate. It’s so delicious that all ten of us climbed all the way up to the former men’s first green to fill our faces. Yum.

I feel the need, the need for speed…yes, it’s “Top Green”


Designated a par 5 for the day, a respectable amount of the field gathered from points here today. Anne and Erica topped the pack with 2 points each. Well done everyone who scored here!

Our group had a nice chip off at the 6th…

Such a shame my effort was via the gorse!


Janette got close too for a lovely 5.


We also found some more scary mushrooms…

Jaggy mushrooms by the 8th path


Today’s view of the loch…

Lovely shot in by Chris on 7th


Back at the clubhouse, it was more chocolate to help me check the cards manually…and after a few minor corrections, the honours went to:


1st place Erica – 33 points! A top score for 15 holes, helped along by gaining 4 points both times at the 9th. [Edit: the 8th, you knew I meant the 8th, right?]

Reward: the Kay’s Hike cow bell and bonus prize of a cow to keep and treasure:

Great score – well worth the cow bell!


There’s something wrong with that beltie!


2nd place me, in the distance, with 28 points

Reward: a billy goat (a gilly goat?) to keep and treasure…

Butt out!


3rd place Elena with 25 points

Reward: a sheep to keep and treasure…

Ewe were great!


A big thank you to Kay for all the chocolate and the bonus prizes.