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Elena attacking the 8th in the sunshine.

Yesterday we contested Circle week 2. Not to be confused with Dante’s Circles. Though I understand that after the first circle of limbo, the second circle is where the punishments begin properly. The travellers are blown violently back and forth by strong winds, preventing them from finding peace and rest. Hmmmm, wherever did Dante get his inspiration? I wasn’t aware he’d golfed in Scotland.


The second circle of golf


The weather had indeed blown itself up into a bit of a hooley. There were some exciting, swirling gusts and a fair amount of rain for our journey round the course. Fortunately, with only 9 holes between us and the tea and cakes, we had 8 golfers today willing to get out in it.

Again, we are bound by strict Circle purdah and cannot reveal too much about the results…

But I can reveal that we have our first completer this week! Jackie has confidently circled all nine holes. Word is that her net score will take some beating!


Elena attacking the 8th in a rare burst of sunshine.


My partner this week was Elena. Having circled so many last week, she was happy to come along mainly for the ride as I sought seven (!) good scores to add to my my measly tally of two from week 1. Peaking when it mattered, she added a nice 3 at the 4th if I remember correctly. And I even managed to add a few ‘circle-able’ scores before my form vanished as suddenly as a government majority.


The fog on the Ken, it’s mine, all mine.


The official scorer tells me that the competition is still very close and it had to be decided by the last 6 holes (that’s me out of the running then!)

Also this week Anne and Chris opened their circle competitions with some very fine scores.

But the hole of the day was by Christine who had a delightful net hole-in-one. Hurrah! The first of many I’m sure.

Now that the cold weather is here, this weekend sees the start of our winter fixtures. So we have our first Saturday medal of the season – the September medal on 7th. Followed on Wednesday by Circle 3 (or gluttony if you’re still counting in Dante circles- ironically given that a chocolate birthday cake may well feature at some point…).

See you there!