You are currently viewing Ladies Update – Circle 3 aka “Pigs in Mud”
Hitting into the wind to the 3rd green.

It was back to the sunblock and sun-hat for circle week 3. I must admit the hat was strapped on front and back to cope with the gusts though!

Seven ladies ventured out this morning in a daring, and somewhat controversial, permutation: a three ball and a four ball.  Teeing off into the dazzling sun on the 2nd

Erica, Christine and I set off first. After warming up on the first couple of holes we all got into our groove for a successful third hole. Christine had a great net par here- by common consent the hardest hole on the course.

Hitting into the wind to the 3rd green.


The hole of the day for Erica was the 5th, when her tremendous approach shot ended up mere inches away…

Tapped in for a great four (though *was* this the hole that had already been circled as a 5? Heart-breaking if so!)


The fourball seemed to be having far too much fun as we kept hearing bursts of raucous hilarity. One of which was a putt of Elena’s dropping in on the first after dangling over the cup for a loooong time. Another highlight was Kay’s drive to ‘nearest the line’ on the 8th. Not sure how she managed that whilst being dazzled by those brand new shoes!

Because you’re mine…(I walk the line)


Here’s the official, no spoilers, report from CircleMeister (Marena):

Circle 3– one more completed card with a very good score -Gill’s…but is it good enough to overtake Jackie?

Marena has one hole to complete the 1st on which she needs a reasonable score to nudge into the lead.

Or will Erica who has the short 4th to complete win the day?

It’s all to play for in circle 4 – coming up in a fortnight. And thank you to whoever it was this morning who reminded me I couldn’t make week 4 so I had to circle all my remaining holes this week!

Next week, we take a break from circle to enjoy Kay’s Hike (in particular the Swiss chocolatey treats it involves).

Back to the clubhouse for a belated birthday celebration for Kay…by special request a “Pigs in Mud” chocolate cake:



Kay graciously gave up being vegetarian long enough to try a marzipan piglet!


Thanks to Kim-Joy of GBBO fame for the inspiration (click to see recipe). If you’ll forgive a detour into a baking blog, this was an unusual recipe – involving hot water and a cake mix that resulted in a fairly thin, pourable batter. I had my doubts, but it rose a treat. Give it a go!

And thanks to Kay who made a donation to Scottish Mountain Rescue in appreciation of the cake 🙂