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Don’t be fooled by the shorts…winter is coming!

And…it’s pantomime season already. Altogether now: “Behind you!”


It must be nearly winter because we started the Circle Competition this week.

How it works: you have multiple rounds to get your best card. The trick is to lock in a good score at each hole (by circling it on your card). What you want to avoid is running up a rugby score on the last round when you must circle that hole!

Never mind the circular stress, soothing lavender available at the first.


I can’t report on the results as the scores are a SECRET!

But I can guess that either 1) Elena had the best round or 2) she’s the most pessimistic …because she circled 6 holes! This confidence was closely followed by Janette and Jackie who circled 5 each. Maybe they’ve seen the long-range weather forecast?

At the other end of the spectrum, the most optimistic/reckless were Gerry and Christine who circled only one each. For myself, I managed to circle a measly two holes. And one of those was a paranoid circling of any old single figure score at the 3rd.

Official word is that the scores were in fact “very close” after week 1. I know Erica took her trademark steadiness to new highs with a remarkable seven 5’s in a row.

Photo of shot of the week…a lovely approach shot to the 9th gets Erica to within a few feet of the pin. Kay was also close (squint hard and you might just spot me languishing far off the back of the green).

This one got circled faster than a particularly good Swingball smash.


Talking of Erica, here’s some nice heather.


This week’s view down the loch…The moody views

There were no 2’s today – though I had a little tickle at the 7th after miraculously a) hitting it at the flag, b) getting a straight bounce and c) holding the green. Buuuut, the putt simply wobbled and didn’t drop. So mahoosively big bucks on offer next week.

The competition organiser did make special mention of the two neatest scorecards submitted this week: myself and Kay. No comment from me AT ALL on that!

Back to the clubhouse for special pre-birthday cake from Janette. Delicious Guinness cake. Yums all round.

Guinness cake is good for you!


Next week it’s the re-scheduled Muirhead Rosebowl individual stableford. See you these for plenty more cake.