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Up to the 6th

Well, what a lovely day for the eider, mandarins and mallards. Not so much for the golfers. Being made of stern stuff, 9 of us went out for the Doris McQueen memorial today.

I wasn’t lucky enough to have known Doris, but by all accounts she was a well-loved member of the club and is still sorely missed. We were lucky to have her partner Duncan on hand to present the trophy after lunch and share some lovely memories.

It was a bit dreich on the course for taking pictures but I did spot this red kite circling hopefully in case we got stuck in a puddle and turned ourselves into prey…

Ever hopeful red kite

The course had dried out a bit since Saturday but conditions were still fairly tricky. Nobody managed a two (though in my head I got one by putting in from just off the 4th green. Sadly as I’d made a mess of my drive and chip it was in reality a 4 <sobs>). I managed to scramble round the opening 9 to handicap but collapsed on the back 9 after discovering a new way to embarrass myself – 3 chipping. Even more annoying than 3 putting!

Up to the 6th

Both Marena and Anne overcame the drizzle to have supremely steady rounds over the front and back 9. (Anne carding 15+15 for 30 points and 3rd place, Marena carding 15+16 for 31 points and second place).

But taking the victory with a terrific back 9 of 20 points (for a total of 32 points) was Elena (including a 5 at the 17th. Nice). Very well done!

The Happy Winner

Technical note: The CSS went up by 3 today and the competition became ‘reduction-only’ for handicap purposes. Though no-one got a handicap reduction this week.

And just for fun, if you didn’t enjoy the sight of be-waterproofed golfers trudging round in the wet…

…click here for someone who is far more graceful in the wet than me! (links to YouTube)