You are currently viewing Ladies Update – July Medal 10th July 2019
Loch Mugginess

Our numbers were depleted by holidays this week – and perhaps the awful forecast.

Despite the mugginess, it remained dry and 6 intrepid Smidge-covered golfers entered our July Medal. Run again as a Maximum Score Medal for maximum pleasure and minimum stress. We do this for fun, right?

A strong start for the first group (Gill, Marena and Linda) with all three of us carding 4’s (your actual par) at the first.

Here we all are on the green at the 7th…but not all from our drives sadly.

Loch Mugginess having itself a Dutch-themed week (with added windmills)


In fact, there wasn’t a single 2 this week, so all to play for next time! Especially with the greens returning to a lovely form. The par 3’s seemed to play hard this week with only five 3’s carded in total (and Kay got two of them!)

If you needed it, another reason not to drive into the trees on the left at the 8th…

Grapefruit-sized bike in the gorse – wasps or maybe hornets? Frankly, I didn’t hang around long enough to even get a picture in focus, never mind species identification.


A sign of the lushness of the greens – three of us stopped on the 18th from approach shots…

Putting contest coming up!


After an enjoyable round, we had a few great scores today.

Congratulations to Marena who carded a 65 and earned herself another handicap reduction.

Sadly, this week it only earned second place as someone else (ahem) fluked an outrageous score and a handicap reduction.

(Asking for a friend, does anyone know what the Ladies course record is? Genuinely, someone asked me and I don’t know!)

Hopefully we’re not peaking too early before the final club championship qualifier next week.

See you there.