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Up for grabs... the Muirhead Rosebowl

Today we welcomed more than twenty golfers for the re-scheduled Muirhead Rosebowl Open.

Up for grabs… the Muirhead Rosebowl (flowers by Kay)


Early starters contended with rain most of the way round. But the dry weather turned out in time for some of the later pairs. As a result, the course played a wee bit ‘tricky’. The CSS went up by 2 to 70.

Heading up the back 9 in the sunshine


To prove it was tricky, only one person made it round blob-free. Perhaps fittingly, it was the eventual winner. More surprising was the fact that there was only one two all day. Despite my promise in the clubhouse (ok, it was more of a threat) I won’t spend the entire post describing my 2 in detail. But seen as you asked… after I scudded my tee shot a mere third of the way up the hill on the 7th, it didn’t look likely. But the chip of my life disappeared into the hole. Well so my partner assures me. I was so far down the hill I couldn’t see it.

Talking of delightfully jammy, let’s pause to appreciate of all the delicious home-baked goodies laid on for us:















Other prizes up for grabs today were:

Nearest the pin (silver): Well done Erica. A lovely tee shot on the 4th. Just a shame the putt lipped out and there wasn’t two’s glory for you too.

Nearest the pin (bronze): Well done Janette. Sorry, I didn’t hear the details, but it must also have been a lovely tee shot. Tricky in today’s blustery conditions!

Nearest the line: on the 8th, sorry to the golfer (who’ll remain nameless) who ended up bang on the line – if only it extended a wee bit into the rough! Sadly for her it had to be on the fairway to count for the prize. So congratulations to ┬áMary Robertson who was closest on the fairway. Very well done. Again, not easy in the wind off that 8th tee.

Also, honourable mention and big thanks to Kay who looks after the flowers for the day (with Erica’s help on the table decorations). It looked lovely ladies. Consider yourselves hired again for next year!







Once all the cards were in, it proved a close finish.

In the bronze category we had:

  1. Janette 35 points
  2. Jade Ho 31 points
  3. Linda 30 points

In the silver category we had:

  1. Marena 37 points
  2. Anne 33 points (on count back last 3 holes)
  3. Amy McGhie 33 points (on count back last nine holes)

And overall winner was meeeeeeeeeee. Yay! With 38 lovely points. And a two. Did I mention I got a two?

Muirhead Rosebowl Prize-giving


Thank you to everyone who made it such a lovely day. Thanks to Gerry for starting us all off and checking the scorecards with me. Thanks to those who donated all the lovely raffle prizes. Thanks for the ladies who kept the food and drinks flowing steadily. And finally, thanks to all the golfers for making it a great day. See you all next year I hope.

And for NGGC members, we’re back to the second circle of, ahem, golf next week on Wednesday. See you there.