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What a day of sport…

Other ‘sport’ on offer today. Tour Of Britain leaders trundle past the Ken Bridge.


Though I’m confused by a ‘sport’ where you let all your team-mates do the hard work so you can sprint over the line? Anyway, back to the true sport of Gods…

We had two flavours of medal today- 9 hole and 18 hole. And seven lovely ladies turned out to make the most of the glorious weather.

Loch Blindinglybright


The course played a wee bit tricky in the sun with conditions a bit muddy in places and preferred lies not yet available. Nobody managed a two – so the jackpot is now visible from the space.

Linda and I set off in the first group and had a rare old time to ourselves in the delightful weather.

Two lovely drives on the 3rd. Go us!


Unlike Wednesday, I actually hit the fairway on the 8th…

YES! Nearest the line- oh what do you mean it doesn’t count today?


Another lovely drive from Linda on the 9th…

As I faff, Linda kindly hits her approach shot first despite the fact she outdrove me…


After traumatising my last playing partner, I didn’t take any pics of the other group today. I’m sure they had a lovely day too 🙂

No new entries on the Birdie tree today. Though Christine took a couple of strokes off her eclectic scorecard while playing in the 9-hole medal with Gerry.

In the 18 hole medal, Erica had the best score of the second group. A net 75 thanks to a strong finish (a back 9 six whole shots better than her outward 9).

But overall honours shuffled in my direction with a net 69. It was a rare steady round of two even halves (42 strokes on each side – very Douglas Adams!) Full disclosure: on the back nine I drove my usually placid partner a wee bit potty-mouthed twice. This was as a result of two outrageously skilful, or flukey – decide among yourselves- long, long putts to hole out and salvage respectable scores at the 13th and 14th. Expect a monster score next time when the course bites me back.