You are currently viewing Ladies Winter League 21/11/20

Plenty of overnight rain to soften up the course for this week’s Winter League. As they mentioned once or twice on the Masters commentary, it’ll be like throwing darts at a dartboard(!)

Expecting a mud bath, we restricted ourselves to 9 holes despite the sunshine.

Hotter than Vulcan itself!


Three groups of golfers skidded up the hill to compete for this week’s Winter League.

The opening group, boldly going up the first fairway


The golf was steady in our group. With a particularly fine chip down the 9th by Erica…

Targeted right at the 9th hole like an Ekosian missile!


No twos to report from the day’s play, but some fine scoring.

Marena led the way with a terrific 18 points (including a brilliant 3 at the 6th – best hole score of the day) racking up one of only 2 blob-free rounds scored on the day. She was closely, but fruitlessly, pursued by Erica and me with 16 points apiece.

After the round, we gathered round the clubhouse for our 2020 Prize-giving.

First up Marena handed out the Circle prizes.

Circle Presenter-in-Chief


3rd place to Linda, 2nd place to me and Overall Winner to Annie. Very well done, it’s a tough format!

Specially designed prize, more wooden than a Shatner!


Onto the other trophies…

Rab. C. Ladies Captain harangues, er, addresses the socially-distanced crowd.


With much fanfare (yes actual fanfare, it was a multi-sensory experience!) we presented all the trophies that we were able to award this year.

Tensely awaiting announcements…”But Captain, we cannae take any mair!”


Well done to everyone who won some silverware. And there were chocolate and biscuits (that we shall *never* mention again) for all, so everyone was a winner!

Hoping for another dry Saturday for next week’s Winter League and generally more golf in 2021 🤞