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Two weeks of glory to catch up on…

First up 27th February, where 6 of us trooped out to do Winter League battle. After a long gap, someone finally got a two! Hurrah for Elizabeth. And hopefully she returns from the Caribbean in time for our next fixture <joke obvs>

Both Elena and Elizabeth had terrific blob-free rounds. But with her two for (sit down) FIVE points, Elizabeth ran out a clear winner. Very well done.

  1. Elizabeth 33 points
  2. Elena 28 points
  3. Janette 27 points

Today we had a great turnout with 9 golfers out for Winter League. And conditions were beautiful – not a breath of wind to blame for the mis-hit drives. And as a result we had some impressive scoring.

Upcoming 2’s glory for Marena on the 10th


And sadly for those involved, we also had a bumper crop of 2’s. Take a bow: Marena (10th), Janette (10th), Elizabeth – again! – (10th), Elena (4th). I hope they all enjoy the glory as the financial rewards won’t be quite as high this week. Do they still make ha’pennies? 😬

There was a lesser-spotted tree roo lurking around the 7th green – she’s looking a wee bit deflated this weather. Hopefully she’ll perk up when the sun comes out more.

No blob-free rounds today but some fabulous scores with close results down the field but a familiar look to the top of the table:

1) Elizabeth 37 points

2)= Erica 31 points

2)= Janette 31 points

2)= Annie 31 points

It’s all getting a bit close at the top of the Winter League with potentially only one more fixture to go.


Next week

It’s a return to qualifiers, starting with the March medal. Hurrah!