You are currently viewing Ladies Winter League – cake-less :-0

Due to AGM responsibilities (plus a broken oven on my part) we appeared to be sadly bereft of home-made cakes this week. This means I have no choice but to talk solely about golf. Sorry about that.

So nine Winter Leaguers set off in fairly nippy conditions in what appeared to be a  Michelin Man look-a-like competition. It *was* dry though so there was something to celebrate.

Thwack! *


In our group, Marena and I sprinted out of the blocks with the best starts of the day…two three pointers. Marena’s great start was thanks to a stunning chip in on the first. Taking inspiration, I chipped in from off the back of the 3rd green for a jammy 3 for four points. Further on, Annie took her turn at a chip in on the 11th too 🙂

Oooff! Rust-coloured, rustic view at the 4th.


Marena & I both scored well on the outward half (18 and 19 points!) but sadly we both had peaked a bit early.



In other 4 point news, Elizabeth scored a great 4 pointer with a 3 on the 4th. Erica grabbed 4 points with a tremendous 2 on the 10th. And knocking it totally out of the park was Kay with two consecutive 4 pointers…a 2 on the 13th followed by a 5 on the 14th. Very well done there!

Zamm! The second group tackles the 8th.


Nice to see the two’s glory shared between Erica & Kay this week (and I’m no way bitter that my best attempt at a two today – an utterly heroic lobbed chip from the back of the gulley behind the 4th green – hit the pin and stopped about a foot away).

Sploosh! Loch view on 7th green.


After our topsy-turvy rounds, Marena and I had a three-way tie in 3rd place with Elena. She had a more traditional, steady round including five 3 pointers and five 2 pointers to total 28 points.


Sock! From the 5th tee.


Kay proved super steady with two halves of 15 points. Great scoring – especially two 4 pointers in the final 3 holes.

Zowie! Panoramic view up and down the 9th hole


But biggest round of applause today is for Erica, who returned to form with a cracking round to notch up 32 points. A great win and thoroughly deserved as she was the only golfer today to score on every single hole. And towards the end of the round as extremities were going numb – this was no mean feat!

Back to the clubhouse for hot drinks, lunch and a speedy AGM. And, although no home-baked cakes, we did have some very delicious, posh biscuits. Yum!


Thwack! Marena invents a new sport? Golf-jousting?



* Today’s captions have been brought to you courtesy of the Bat-Mania list of Bat Fight words (click here!)