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Let me climb down from the naughty step long enough to write up last week’s golf report.

At least you know it should be short as there’s only so much one can glean from the photos’ metadata and the scorecards!

Slightly damp on the practice green.


I *do* remember arriving at the club in the teeming rain, feeling like I wasn’t operating at peak efficiency. I dashed inside and put on the kettle on in a vain attempt to divert everyone onto tea and biscuits. Sadly, they were all made of far sterner stuff and I was shortly out on the course, hacking my way round.


Marena approaching the second green


New Galloway Golf Club
19 seconds later…Kay hitting up to the second green. No points for originality in the photography this week, eh?


Weekly loch view!


IIRC this was a long walk to get the ball out of the cup after a heroic putt for a 3 for 3?


New Galloway Golf Club
Kay cheated out of a point on the 9th!


No two’s to report this week. The jackpot keeps growing! Hole of the day was presumably Erica’s 8th where she achieved a 5 for 4 mahoosive points. Get the giant pencil out for that score!

It turned out to be a very evenly-fought contest this week. We had three golfers tied for first place on 19 points – a great score over 9 holes…

  • Erica
  • Elena
  • Kay

…each gaining 10 points in the Winter League standings.

And I scraped into second (fourth really?) place (with a measly 7 points as a reward this week for my 17 stableford points!)

Tied in third place (fifth really? I’ve confused myself now…) were Linda and Marena on 16 points.