You are currently viewing Ladies Winter League – farewell to 2019

We had a slightly dreich day for the last Winter League fixture of 2019. But five of us set out to do battle with the course.

Choosing the best line up the hill.


The twosome set off first and I’m afraid I’ve no pictures of their match as we three dawdled round behind them out of range of my zoom lens.

Looking at the scorecards they must have been on form. Erica scored the best half of the day (19 points!) and Sandra bagged <drum roll> a two. Very well done. I hope you all weren’t too disturbed by the sound of her victory flight home in the new helicopter! And she earned herself 5 whole points for that hole.

We had a slightly less spectacular round in our three. But there were some lovely moments…

7th – lovely chip in from Marena (note Kay’s ball on right)…


A lovely putt from Kay but no luck at the last inch!


…and where is the wind when you need it?!


There should have been a tie on hat of the week. But Marena packed hers away before I could grab a close up photo. Leaving me to it!

Loch Seuss!


I know it is wet

and the sun is not sunny

but we can have

lots of good fun that is funny!


It really wasn’t Kay’s day for putting. At the 10th she nearly grabbed fame and fortune with this chance for two’s glory…

Surely a 2.5?


Don’t feel too sorry for her as she scored a stunning 5 for four points on the 14th which made her day. Erica also grabbed a 5 for 4 on Lang Knowe. (I’m not at all bitter that I only got 3 measly points for my 5 there. Harumph).

Also HT to Marena for a actual birdie at The Firs (12th). I’m sure it was impressive. Sadly I was too busy hitting a boulder at full whack to take any pics there. No damage to the club but a good bruise on my hand! Lesson learnt: all that gorse in front of the 12th green is on a giant boulder – despite the moss on the surface!

Only one blob-free round this week. That was me. But there were too many ones for an outright victory.¬†Erica rightly gets joint first for her great points tally that even included a couple of blips…if only, if only…

1st: Erica & Gill (29 points)

3rd: Kay (25 points)

Back to the clubhouse for a selection of goodies. So many that we didn’t even break open the mince pies this week…

Stack of Macaroon, Xmas rocky road and apricot cake. Delicious!


Next up on Saturday is the first Winter League fixture of 2020.