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Driving contest?

Well, since the last post before Christmas, there’s been a whole two, count ’em, TWO who Winter League fixtures played (thanks to the ongoing freeeeeezing conditions which mean that most of January was a write-off in golfing terms).

Saturday January 30th

I wasn’t out there myself so no photographs I’m afraid. No twos to report but there were some fine scores carded:

1st Annie 30 points

2nd Fiona 29 points

3rd= Kay 25 points

3rd= Janette 25 points

It was tough luck on the following two ladies who were only a point or two behind the top of the scoreboard.


Sat 6th February

We had a bumper turnout of 8 golfers keen for some fresh air. A delightful 15 hole Winter League fixture awaited in the unseasonably dry weather.

Kay and I set off briskly and had a terrific tussle. OK, she spanked me for the first 5 holes:

Kay playing orange rather than her usual yellow, drives past me on the 2nd by a hu-uuu-uuuuge margin. Honestly, this foreshortens it. It really does. Oh yes. Miiiiiles past.


Fortunately (for me) the worm did turn and I pluckily clawed her back over the next 4 holes to make it more respectable. A highlight was a somewhat flukily putted long one on the 8th for an actual birdie.

Did you recall that Kay drove furthest on the second?


Kay chalked up a plucky 3 at the 10th to stop the rot but couldn’t hold back the onslaught.

Glory days – the longest drive on the second. From Kay.


I heroically dragged myself level by the 12th thanks to my second 4 there on the day (for once avoiding the tree on my drive AND the gorse on my approach shot both times round!)

We dinged and donged over the remaining three holes and I ran out the winner. And 10p richer!

But let’s not forget that drive on the second…

Did I mention, Kay won the driving contest on the second. Perhaps I should have taken a wider selection of photos?


Meanwhile, the grown-ups were carding some great scores. There was only only one blob-free round (ahem) but two others got very close with one minor hiccough each. It was especially gut-wrenching for Marena whose only slip up was on the 15th 🙁

Other noteworthy scoring holes included a 4 pointer for Elizabeth on the 4th (alongside 6 other 3 pointers to give a top score all round). Fiona also scored a 4 pointer on the 4th and followed it up with another 4 pointer next time round too on the 10th. I bagged 4 tiny points for my birdie on the 8th – not a bad result given I thought my tee shot had gone into the gorse bush on the left (it must have just cleared it!)

The final scores were;

1st= Gill 31 points

1st= Elizabeth 31 points

3rd= Fiona 28 points

3rd = Marena 28 points

Again, no twos to report so the pot grows.

Back to the clubhouse for our doggy-bag lemony drizzle cake treats. Yum.


Next week: more winter league fun if the weather allows.