You are currently viewing Ladies Winter League – Frosty the Golfer

Only three members were nails enough to take on the deep frost challenge yesterday. Determined to bag some valuable Winter League points enjoy a beautiful morning’s golf, we paused briefly for a cuppa to allow the course to defrost a bit. It was so cold, even Kay took a hot drink (no, not hot coke, who asked that?) Then we set off into dazzling sun, risking potential frost-blindness.

And we’re off!


Having spent an inordinate amount of the time on the first searching for white balls, Kay very kindly lent Elena & I a yellow ball each to help speed up play. These came with a STERN warning not to lose them (as we only had 3 between us). Spoiler alert: Elena & I happily handed our borrowed balls back after the 9th. I’m sad to report that Kay lost her own on the 4th! Luckily I found an orange ball in the vicinity so play could continue with neon balls all round!

Flukey chip from the 3rd mound…from so far away that extreme zoom needed to see it! 4 for 3 coming right up 🙂


Apart from struggling to find our balls, it was also a challenge to get the tees into the ground…

Re-purposing a wood as a hammer.


Chance for 2’s glory! (yeah, yeah, I got NOwhere near with the putt).


In no way just arsing around with a selfie when I should be helping spot Kay’s drive on the 5th…


Giving it all with a drive off the 6th.


The other golfers putting for points on the 7th. I was reduced to vainly chipping for a point after visiting the gorse. Twice.


Elena putting up on the 7th green. And in a mo’ Kay steps up to get a lovely 3 for 3.


The traditional weekly view of Kay taking a photo of the loch


Thank you to the path fairy who visited and left us a way through Penistone Crags on the 8th. Much appreciated.


At last, a green that (partially) lives up to its name! And Elena takes advantage to score 3 points.




Surrounding the pin…


Another cheated golfer!


Back to the clubhouse for more hot drinks, lunch and biscuits.

Scores on the doors:

1st Gill 14 points

2nd Elena 13 points

3rd Kay 9 points