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New Ghoul-oway Golf Club

[Disclaimer: it has been a few days since this competition so fingers-crossed my memory stands up to the test…]

In the run up to Hallowe’en, New Ghouloway Golf club didn’t have the most promising of starts weather-wise for this week’s Winter League fixture:

Looking very “Hound of the Baskervilles” towards the 9th green. Erroo-ooo-oooooooo!


Undaunted, eight of us marched off up and away (mainly to try to get some blood flowing to our numb extremities)…

Anne makes light of the haar-d conditions?


Like the PM’s reputation, New Galloway is there – somewhere – under a cloud


As the sun burnt through, we reverted to the usual stunning views…

“Autumn in New Galloway, why does it seem so inviting…?”


Like me, the spiders often make themselves at home in the gorse…


And the views from the 7th green never disappoint…

Loch Sunblock


And on the flora front…down by the path to the 14th fairway from the tee…

Very crowded in the woods? Yes, not mushroom here [sorry]


Back to the golf and a tremendous approach shot…

…about 5″ from the hole. Absolutely tremendous approach shot in to the 14th. It definitely wasn’t me, I believe it was Chris – happy to be corrected if it was you Anne?


Next time round the top on the 3rd (9th hole on the card), Chris hits a fabulous summer-length drive…almost over the hill…

Fly my beauty! On her way to a safe 2 pointer


Players in the other groups also racked up some fabulous scores:

  • Elena bagged a 4 pointer at the 6th (comprising a great drive, a beautiful chip and a great putt, I believe?)
  • Christine scored a tremendous 4 points at the 7th.
  • The only other 4 pointers on the day were both by Erica – who whipped the 8th hole into submission twice with two 5’s there. Terrific!

Back to the clubhouse for cake of the week: Marmalade Cake

1 of your 5-a-day?


Testing a new recipe…it was well-received amongst the marmalade fans in the clubhouse!

Click here for recipe


Totting up the scores, we had some great totals…

1st Elena 29 points: who besides her 4, scored three 3’s and six 2’s. Great scores all the way round.

2nd Erica 28 points: who besides her two 4 pointers, scored a 3 and seven 2’s. Fab scores.

3rd Marena 28 points: two 3’s and ten(!) 2’s – very steady!

Well done everyone.


Nobody made it round blob-free this week. And there were no 2’s. I had a putt for one but didn’t even trouble the hole. The jackpot has rolled over again…



Next week – it’s medal time!