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Loch Inthebleakmidwinter

Festivities were in full swing today…


Peace on Ear(th)


and despite the dank weather, we were determined to have some Winter League fun.


Only 3 hardened golfers were free to play this week, so we set off in one jolly group. Ho, ho, ho!

Zat you, Santa Claus?


We got off to a steady start with actual pars scored on both the first two holes (me on the first and Erica on the second). As ever, the third wasn’t giving up a par to ANYONE. Pah! But in the conditions we were happy with two 5’s and a six.

On the 4th, two’s glory – and movement into the ‘additional rate’ tax bracket of £150,000+ income – beckoned for all 3 of us as we all drove the green! What a difference when there’s not a breath of wind.

Green Christmas?


But, after briefly wondering how we’d feel if we had to share the prize three ways, obviously we all missed our putts. Sigh. Sorely disappointed with three 3’s here.

Nobody was troubled by the wall on the 5th but it played long in the damp and needed at least 3 good shots to hit the green. So no spectacular scores to report here.

With no wind to scapegoat, I can only blame the distracting thought of warm mince pies for tonking my drive left at the 6th. Just short of the big tree, I stupidly listened to the encouragement of my partners and attempted to pitch over it to the green. I know, I know. Not likely even in the summer. Luckily it was so badly hit it didn’t even reach the tree. I escaped by stubbing it under the tree and eventually scrambled a point.

No such trouble for the others who sailed serenely up the middle of the fairway. Kay even avoided landing in her usual puddle on the right! On the green, Erica triumphed here with another actual par.

On to the 7th, where I believe we all fell a bit short with our drives. Not even a sniff of two’s glory here. 4 for 2’s all round.

In the bleak mid-winter


Kay made up for missing her usual ‘plug in the puddle’ on the 6th with an impressive ‘fried egg plug’ off the 8th tee…

Lonely this Christmas (Mud)


Sadly, her route after the drop took her via the Peniston Crags. So it was left to Erica & I to mop up with boxcars (two sixes for those of you who don’t play craps).

From the 9th tee, there was no sight of the windmills through the gloom. We ploughed on down the hill. Again, it was in unspectacular fashion as we all came up a bit short of the green.

Back to the clubhouse for more mince pies – hurrah!

Santa Baby


Have yourself a merry little Christmas


Scores on the doors:

1st Erica 20 points (great score from a fabulously consistent, blob-free round including four 3’s!)

2nd Gill 18 points (also blob-free but sadly only one 3)

3rd Kay 14 points (“the easiest 8 points I’ll ever get!”)

Top marks if you spotted that the captions this week were supplied by Christmas song titles.


And to finish, what would be nicer than a traditional Victorian Christmas card:

Er, a frog murdering another frog for money.


If you have a spare 45 minutes, a very entertaining BBC history podcast explains all about Victorian Christmases. Including their surreal taste in Christmas Cards. Listen to it here (free sign in required for BBC Sounds)