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Erica on the first tee

Saturday dawned even more cold and bitter than a disappointed Scots voter. Regardless, five of us girded our loins and set off for 15 delightful holes of millionaire’s golf.

Snowy hills. A clue to the ambient temperature…


Janette and I set off first, both happy to card 5’s on the first (me more so after travelling via an interesting lie or two). A few holes later and my luck held up. I jammied an unlikely 4 on the 6th after topping my approach shot quite spectacularly. Luckily it was aimed correctly and it scooted along the grass between the gorse bushes. Unbelievably it rolled up and over onto the green. Soz. Ignoring my antics, Janette holed a lovely putt here for a 4 too (4 for 4!). And apologies for disturbing the following group with our loud celebrations.

Lucky McLuckster!


In the following group, Erica scored a great 5 for 4 on the 8th.

After the floods during the week, the course was a wee bit wet in places – but in remarkably good condition considering. Note the extra water to the left here in the traditional Loch view…

Lochs Ken


And in a new, regular-ish feature: here is hat of the week:

Sheep Heid and sheeps!


The view from the 9th tee showing New Galloway’s newest loch…

New boating lake behind the village


It was actually too cold to take many photos. Apart from Elena who is obviously nails, we all faded on the inward 9 and scored markedly worse on the way in. Fortunately the mince pie fairy (Erica) had visited again. So we could heat up with more warm mice pies. Lovely!

“That round was pure mince by the way”…


No twos again this week. If this carries on much longer we’ll all be expecting fizz from the next winner!

Scores on the doors:

1st Gill (27 points)

2nd Janette (26 points)

3rd= Elena (25 points)

3rd= Erica (25 points)

More Winter League shenanigans next week.