Well, I was too gloomy in my weather predictions in the last post. Yesterday we turned up to play golf in your actual sunshine. As a result, it was glorious.

Sunshine over the practice green


Stripping down to only four layers, it was out with the sun hat, sun-glasses and sun block. After we’d prepared for the conditions, eight of us set off to contest this week’s Winter League.

On the sunny side of the course
Sunny Side Up


Modesty forbids me mentioning that only one of us made it all the way round blob-free. Similarly, I can’t possible say who secured this week’s top spot. Ahem.

A mere three points off the winning score, there was a close tussle for second place. It ended up as a tie between Marena and Sandra. Marena’s card was helped by a cheeky wee chip in from just off the 10th for 2’s glory (and 4 points for the hole). I almost managed to be gracious enough to congratulate her 🙂

Sandra had a great card with a 4 point hole and seven 3 point holes. It must have been a great back half, five of these three-pointers were in the last six holes. What a storming finish!

For the Winter League so far, that’s another point clawed back from Marena’s lead. With only 3 weeks remaining, it could be a nail-biting finish!