Despite a less-than-ideal forecast, seven hardy ladies set forth for this week’s Winter League match. Although the wind was a bit blustery, at least we were snow-free…

True to forecast the rain stayed away till noon, so we made it most of the way round before it started properly. Nobody managed a blob-free round in the blustery winds. Though it wasn’t as horrific as this photo of the 8th green suggests…

A bit of wind on the 8th
Nice view from up here 🙂

Coincidentally (or because I always mis-hit the approach shot – you choose), I found myself on practically the same spot on the 3rd mound as last week…

…and normal service was resumed (ie a chip +2 putts and not a flukey chip in. Sniff).

New rules update aka the law of unintended consequences: Now we can putt without removing the flag, it is harder to see on the 7th tee whether the preceding group has left the green or not. We’ll maybe need to leave one trolley at the front of the green within sight of the tee? Luckily, it meant I was still loitering just off the green when Kay hit this lovely tee shot up for a chance at a 2. (See below for how it went). If you’ve not played the course yet, you won’t appreciate how hard it is to stop your ball on the 7th green – rain, wind or shine! A great tee shot.

Kay’s tee shot to 7th Spion Kop


We did get one 2 this week and kudos to Erica for managing to scoop the prize again, and on the 13th again too.

After the 15 holes, I snuck a win to nibble away at Marena’s lead in the Winter League. Chris finished in second place in a welcome return to form after injury.

In the clubhouse, further kudos to Erica for a lovely chocolate cake. Yum ?