Teeing off briskly to stay ahead of Storm Freya, ten of us contested the latest Winter League fixture.

Heading up (literally) the 1st fairway.


The wind became progressively more blustery as we played round the top of the course. Then the rain arrived within an impressive 7 minutes of the forecast time. Conditions got a wee bit more tricky. Hard to believe that, because of the sunshine, I played in only a T-shirt on Tuesday afternoon. Well not quite ‘only’ but you know what I mean.

In the gusts, scores were harder to come by than last week. Nobody quite managed to stay blob-free (certainly not me as I suffered from a couple of impressive multiple putt meltdowns. Who said 4 putts? Who said that?! I cannot confirm nor deny that there may even have been naughty words).

An honourable mention to both Anne and Elena who had only one wee slip up between them and their blob-free round.

Scottish tumbleweed (gorse blows across 3rd)


This week, Marena was victorious with a strong card that included 6 of your actual pars. It was her 3rd win in this year’s Winter League.

A mere two points behind, three of us drew for second place (me, Anne & Elena). A wee bit further down the field three more shared 6th place.

It was a great week for Gerry too, who claimed 2’s glory on the 4th with the only birdie of the day.

The non-golfing birdie of the day (red kite)


Over lunch we had some refresher training on ‘How to Fill in a Scorecard’. I think the Giant Scorecard prop and golf club-shaped pointer were truly appreciated by everyone in the audience.

Marena’s win stretches her overall Winter League lead by a point to three points, and who would bet against her with only 2 weeks to go!

Stay tuned…



*** A break from Winter League next week for the March medal (which will be Maximum Score) ***