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Rain delays play. Boo. So we eat cake. Hurrah!


Nine of us turned out for Super Saturday Winter League yesterday only to be greeted by some fairly heavy wet stuff emanating from the sky. Taking our inspiration from Westminster, we opted to delay our final decision whether or not to take back control of our golf by leaving the clubhouse. Instead we settled down for tea and cake and some deliberations.

It turned out to be a wise decision because the rain had stopped by the time we finished. Newly refreshed, we drew for groups and set off for a 9 hole Winter League.

I smacked a nice drive up the middle which unfortunately landed on a rock on the mound. The resulting ricochet ballooned in the air most distressingly (for me anyway) ended up about 10 feet shy of the 9th green. A position I would have been happy with about 90 minutes later coming down the 9th, but not ideal for heading up to the first green! At least it provided great entertainment for the watching crowd – judging from the gales of laughter drifting across the course.

While I hacked my way back towards the correct hole, my partner Kay remained undistracted and chipped in beautifully to the green…

All chip-shape and Bristol fashion.


(We agreed not to talk about what happened next with the putting).

Moving onto the second, we both made good progress up the hill to leave ourselves 40-yard chips in. Buoyed by her stunning chipping success on the first, Kay recklessly agreed to a small wager – nearest the pin to get a second slice of cake.

Sadly, Kay’s touch deserted her or the lure of cake proved too good an incentive for me…you decide…

Cake-off at the second (bad luck Kay!)


At the third, there was a new Loch on view…

Loch Practicewaterhazard, sorry Loch Practiceredpenaltyarea.


Ahead on the 6th, there was further evidence of the recent heavy rains as Kay’s ball went for a dip on the fairway.

Dr Gillespie went to New Gall’way in a shower of rain, she stepping in a puddle…etc


Elsewhere on the course, the main tourist attraction Loch Kenyoubelieveit’s9mileslong was starting to look a bit more autumnal…

Treemendous view.


The group ahead of us got so carried away, they kept going round the top for some extra holes. Much to our confusion as we wondered what sort of speed they must be playing that we never saw them (until they snuck up behind us on the 8th!)

No twos yesterday, so the biiiiig money jackpot starts building again. In fact, the par 3’s seemed to play difficult (phew – glad it wasn’t *just* me!). So big ups to Elizabeth, Elena and Kay – the only golfers who managed to get 4’s at both the 4th & the 7th yesterday. Nicely done ladies. Also, hat-tip to Christine who bagged herself 4 points at the 4th. Sweet.

In the final reckoning, there were two competing cards. Elizabeth seemed to have a great all-or-nothing round and scored 5 (count ’em) three-pointers to amass a great score of 15 points. Very well done. And only one golfer manager to scrape round without any blobs to also reach 15 points (admittedly, there were several, hail-Mary 1 pointers in there). That was me.

So joint winners today* with Gill and Elizabeth each getting 10 points for the Winter League. A mere point behind was Erica who adds 8 points to her Winter League tally. Two further points behind there was a tie between Marena & Elena, who will each gain 7 points this week. See the locker room for the full scoreboard.

Cake of the Week – Snowball Cake

This week’s home-baked delight was kindly baked by Erica (from a recipe of Gerry’s). I didn’t catch the official name but have decided to christen it Snowball Cake. It reminded me very much of cakey snowballs. (The sponge/jam/coconut cake, not the nougat/chocolate/coconut snowball sweetie – also nice but altogether different).

If I recall correctly, it was a sponge (baking notes: made with egg yolks only) topped with meringue and coconut. It was so nice I was too busy inhaling  second piece to take any photos. Sorry about that. We’ll just have  to bake it again. Soon. Please?!



* Please note that Handicap Master forces a winner, so the results sheet will show me as 1st on 6 hole count back. But for the official Winter League – the only score that matters – it was a draw. Yay, go us!