The weather defeated even us hardy rural folks this week and we had to abandon the golf and settle for tea and biscuits instead (Kay don’t worry – you didn’t miss any cake!)

An adventurous group set off for a walk round the course anyway just to get a wee bit of fresh air.

What’s that yellow thing in the sky?


Grandstand behind the 9th tee.
Pure white green!















Sadly, we were less well equipped than the local kids who have been having a rare old time on their sledges. The 9th and 1st fairways, in particular, looked like they had been very popular.

The local birdlife was also enjoying the lack of usual golfing sounds (thwacking, muffled swearing etc). Here’s a woodpecker, a crow (?), some other birds, and a woodpecker again. All heard from 9th green.

Much as I love snow, I’d also quite like to play some golf again soon <starts rain dance>…