21 Players took part in the first round of the 36 Hole Seniors Trophy at Kirkcudbright Golf Club. Fortunately, the weather turned out much better than the forecast rain for the period after 10 o’clock. The sun shone for the latter part of the round. Afterwards, the group enjoyed a buffet in the Thai Kitchen with three dishes, Penang Chicken Curry, Sweet & Sour Prawns and Beef with green peppers in black bean sauce. Dave Aitken’s friend Hugh, Kenny Grierson and Tony Graham joined us for the day. Hugh won the day with 37 points. Dave Aitken and Chris McIntyre, who had a two at the thirteenth, tied second with 36 points, well ahead of the field. Well done Elizabeth who scored a very respectable 28 points on her first foray with the Seniors.

Player Points
Hughie 37
Dave Aitken 36
Chris McIntyre 36
Wave Tyrrell 32
Eriica Porteous 31
Dave Nielsen 31
Tony Graham 31
Les Rogers 30
Ronnie Ritchie 29
Derek Shipley 29
Donald Hendry 29
Elena Rogers 28
Elizabeth Kelly 28
Brian Porteous 28
Marena McClymont 27
Terry Haine 25
Stuart Rhodes 22
Ian McCulloch 21
Jackie Duguid 19
Kenny Grierson 14