Would you believe it! Incredibly Brian Duguid won with 22 points, benefited with a £10 note and lost 2 shots on his handicap – welcome to the Seniors. In second place was John Crallan on 21 points.

Play was very difficult in pretty benign conditions. The sun shone and there was a moderate wind but it was cold with the ground frozen, covered in ice in some areas. Balls went nowhere and shots needed 3 more clubs to go normal distances. The semi rough was particularly nasty as most balls plugged and players were lucky to find them. When a penalty drop was taken balls were half plugged. A tough day for the wayward.

Afterwards, in the clubhouse, it was agreed that balls plugged in the rough may be rolled out of the depression made by the ball to a point immediately adjacent to the plugged position. Ball must not be lifted or cleaned.